Sterling Hampton: Renaissance Man


Age: 18

Year: Freshman

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Riverside

Can you tell me a little about your production company, Clash of the Artistic Minds, and how it came to be?

The center of my company is all about collaboration. It’s about pulling different creative people together in order to produce artwork on a larger scale. Everyone is showcased through the medium of film. In a world where we consume information visually, that is where I come in. I have had several attempts at building my own production company from the age of 14. I had established myself under a name that was already trademarked even though at the time I did not realize this. I received my first cease and desist letter at the age of 17. After that I trademarked all of my content.

How are you bringing your love of film to the UCR campus?

I am bringing my love of film to the UCR campus by capturing my subjects on the university grounds. I am surrounded by beautiful architecture and wonderful people every day. I get to showcase people in a positive light in an environment that supports creativity. I want to share my passion with others and make art with them. One day I could be filming a song cover with a music major and then the next day I could be filming a video with students who skate at the bell tower.

Are you involved in any clubs/jobs/internships on campus?

I work for the university's video department under the Office of Strategic Communications. I love working for this department because it allows me to be creative and learn more about the industry in my field. I also enjoy meeting new students in interviews.

What inspires you in your work? What are you most passionate about?

In my passion, my work, my field; people inspire me. I believe that film is the gateway into the mind. It is also the gateway to people. As a filmmaker and as a person, I want to make people change their way of thinking. I want others to consider that maybe what they think and believe isn't necessarily the only way to think and believe. It’s expanding one's consciousness about the world around them. However, as Macklemore said, "I am not the conscious rapper." It doesn't matter if I'm making a documentary about mental disorders or a narrative about a couple falling in love. I simply want people to ask "why" and "what if?"

What kinds of projects have you worked on recently?

Currently I am working on two short documentaries for the film festival circuit this year. One of my films is about a record store in Riverside called Groover's Physical Music. It’s actually a couple blocks away from campus. I am also working on a sequel to a film I made when I was 15 called Throw-Away Child. It’s about several kids growing up in the foster care system and how their experiences have contributed to their development as people in society. My film went on to win the Golden Ace Award at the Las Vegas International Film Festival and Best of Selection at the Riverside International Film Festival. For the sequel, I am trying to catch up to the subjects and show where their life has taken them thus far.