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If you live in California, you know that one of the best things about it is the easy access to the beach. Across the state, especially in SoCal, you can find multiple beaches that are absolutely beautiful. Depending on how far you’re willing to travel, you can discover and experience the beauty of a beach you’ve never been to before. Different beaches have their own characteristics that express their enchanting qualities. You might find that some also have piers connected to them, a boardwalk, coves, parks and so much more. In Long Beach, you can spend the day either at the Long Beach City Beach or go into Naples, Long Beach. I would personally recommend Naples, as this small italian inspired community is stunning with public canals leading into the bay. Going into the San Diego area, La Jolla Cove is breathtaking. You can find yourself amazed by the scenery, cliffs, and marine life that is protected by the city. Take some time here to go swimming and snorkeling with family and friends. There are so many other beaches in California worth the trip to see, and even local ones from Venice Beach to Laguna Beach.


(Photo by Zach Josephson on Unsplash)


Boardwalks and Piers

Another upside of California beaches is the connecting piers and boardwalks some of them have. If you find yourself in Venice, Santa Monica, or Santa Cruz, you can also expect the fun excursions of the piers and boardwalk. Each of these piers and boardwalks are like mini theme parks, with carnival games and rides for all to enjoy. They also make for really fun places to hang out with friends, eat good food, and take some cool pictures. You can do all of this while enjoying the stunning views of the ocean that the piers overlook. Even places like the Venice boardwalk have so many amazing sights to see. From the smooth sidewalks for skating, biking or roller skating to the funky shops and colorful murals, there is always something magical to experience. You can enjoy this lively beach town with the feel of a theme park without breaking the bank.

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Olvera Street


One of my favorite places growing up to go to is the birthplace of Los Angeles, Olvera Street.  This small community area displays authentic mexican and aztec culture in the most beautiful, appreciative way possible. Although this may seem like a random suggestion, but it’s truly an area fun to visit for the day with family and friends. Not only is it great for those who connect to this culture, but anyone looking to admire and appreciate the beauty of it. The vibrant, historic area is a replication of “Old Los Angeles” and is filled with music, love, and vivid color. Little shops and cafes surround the area, as well as the embrace of street vendors. Coming here is also free, and they usually have events happening – aside from the live mariachi. You won’t regret spending your time here.


(Photo by Mitziemee)


Flower Fields

Spring has officially hit California. This means that many areas across the state are experiencing the magic of the superbloom! While the poppy reserves are now closed for their own protection, there are still other locations around California to enjoy. The Flower Fields at Carlsbad are officially open for the season, and the perfect place to see the superbloom for yourself. They also include fun kid-friendly activities, tractor wagon rides, and more. This place is especially great because they have trails that help visitors see the bloom up close, without ruining or damaging the flowers themselves. Early mornings and sunset times are the best times to visit, so I highly recommend catching the superbloom during this time frame. You can also visit places like the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Diamond Valley Lake, and Carrizo Plain National Monument for the captivating views of the superbloom.

P.S. please remember to always be mindful for the wildlife that is growing, and to respect the areas you aren’t allowed to walk on. Be kind and enjoy!


(Photo by Hannah Coleman on Unsplash)

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