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Speak It Into Existence Ladies

 Being a Senior in college I find myself having to explain what I currently do and what I aspire to do to many people I network with. I catch myself saying things like “ I hope”, “I want” and “If possible”. Most look at me and say, No! You need to say “I can”, “I will” and “I plan on”.  These such conversations are referring to a topic know as speak into existence this means you are speaking your thoughts and plans out loud into the universe for them to become reality. People also refer to this ability as Law of Attraction, which is attracting things into your life by focusing on it.

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You’re probably thinking is it just that easy? I personally find this to be a true experience at least for myself. When leading into conversations with the affirmation of you starting or completing these dreams and aspirations; it causes you to commit to these thoughts. What I have found highly successful is that when I am speaking these ideas to others, they are able to put me in contact with others who have followed my same journey or have the capital to get me to the next step in initiating these ideas out into full effect.

True story when I was in community college I would read HerCampus articles and watch San Jose State University form their chapter on campus. I’d tell my friends on my community college campus I want to be apart of a HerCampus chapter one day. Fast Forward to last year, I was in search for internships, when I got a HerCampus email about an article. A light bulb went off in my head that HerCampus was an internship experience I had been searching for during my Junior year. I went to my anthropology class the next day and was talking to our current Co-Social Media Director, Angelica, and Events Director, Samantha about HerCampus no longer being established on our campus and that I’d like to bring it back.  I discussed with them how I needed some people to be on board with it coming to campus and have interested members to be on my executive board when applying for the chapter. Their positive support toward starting the chapter made me want to finish my application for the chapter ASAP! Her Campus puts you through a rigorous application process, so of course, I had to speak it into existence.  

You don’t have to take just my word for it. I read an article about a man who met his wife years after mentioning what kind of wife he wanted as a teenager. Behold a few years later in his adult life he met a woman that was what he spoke about to the exact detail. Now they are married and are experiencing marriage together with five children.


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You must start out with asking for these things you want.  What I have learned is you have to be specific with what you are asking for. For Example, I want a house. When you make a statement that specific without detail you could end up with what could be a townhouse, a house with one bedroom, or one not in the best neighborhood. So, when you think I want… Ask yourself how detailed do I want to be with what I want to manifest into reality.

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Next, make sure you believe in it. Give thanks to a higher being for being able to help you turn these idea, thoughts dreams into a reality. Whether it’s a God(s) or the Universe, it’s possible if you believe that a bigger force is working with you to allow this to come to fruition.

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Lastly, receive these manifestations into your life. Going back to the example of the house. When you get the house are you ready to maintain this house? Have you set your self up financially to keep this house?  When you receive what you’re expecting show your gratitude and send thanks out into the world for your appreciation.

Ladies, you deserve what you seek in this world.  Make it known what you want and make sure to have a positive in attitude and be patient. Prepare yourself to receive these manifestations. Don’t forget to pass it on to others as well the ability to speak into existence.






Hi, I'm Savannah. I'm currently a Senior at UCRiveride studying Sociology. After graduation, I'm looking into doing Public Relations with a media and entertainment company. My favorite things to do are find the best shopping deals and go on road trips.
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