Sometimes Professors Understand

Times professors are reasonable.

  1. 1. Classes are NOT synchronous

    woman wearing yellow sweater typing on laptop

    This was a huge benefit for me thing quarter because I am very busy this quarter. I am working a job, am part of an internship, and I also decided to join more clubs at school this year. If my classes were synchronous, I would not be able to do all of these things due to the lack of time since my classes are at a specific time. But since they are not, I have had plenty of time to devote to each of these activities.

  2. 2. Assignments are due at the end of the week (mostly)

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    Having a due date at the end of the week or towards the end of the week is very useful because I am able to manage out my schedule on when to work on which class. And since most of my classes have different due dates, I know which day to specifically devote to one class and not another.

  3. 3. Classes are a reasonable amount of time

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    Most of my lectures tend to be at least an hour and a half, but in this end, this is much less than it used to be when in person. Many professors do one lecture a week rather than two which cuts down the time I need to watch a video for that class by a lot. And for my classes that do have long videos, it’s understandable since the professor is covering a lot of material and using examples so that students can comprehend the material.


  4. 4. Workload is reasonable 

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    Many of my professors have their assignments spread out throughout the quarter or at least give a reasonable among of work or the week. It usually tends to be like a quiz to review whatever material is being covered that week.


  5. 5. Email updates to do homework 

    A few of my professors and TA’s have been sending emails halfway through the week to make sure we are doing the work, or just to offer help. This makes it much easier for me to want to communicate with my professors and TA’s because it shows that they care and want us to ask for their help.