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So I Went To Disneyland and Had Some Treats

I was fortunate enough to just visit Disneyland during their “Halloween time!” They set up all kinds of fall decorations and the characters come out dressed in various costumes. I think my favorite part about fall time in Disney is all the fall treats they have. I tried a few of them and I can let you know if they are worth your money or not.

Halloween Cake at the Plaza Inn: 7/10

This is a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting decorated with a Halloween theme. Typically, chocolate cake is not my favorite dessert to eat but my mom wanted to try it and it looked too good to not get a taste. The chocolate cake was very moist, and it had just the right amount of frosting. However, this is a very basic dessert and I highly recommend spending your money on something else!

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pretzel at the Pretzel Cart: 9/10

This was my favorite dessert we got at the park. It was a Mickey-Shaped Pretzel stuffed with cream cheese and pumpkin flavoring on top. We saw this treat as we were passing by, and it was too irresistible to not try. It also comes with a sweet honey dipping sauce, but they had run out when we ordered ours. The pretzel and cream cheese mixed well and the pumpkin flavoring made it even better. This treat is a must-try at the park.

 Loaded French Fries: 4/10

Not-so-loaded fries should be the real name for this item. These are limited time loaded fries with bacon bits, cheese, and green onions. The mouth-watering picture is not what you really get in-person. The dish was very small for the price they are at, and it barely had any toppings on it. It was basically overpriced french fries. I would have definitely skipped this item.

Chocolate Strawberry Beignets: 8/10

Disneyland is known for their Mickey Beignets which are usually topped with powdered sugar, but for the fall they are covered with chocolate and strawberry powder. They taste absolutely delicious! I rated them an 8/10 though because I felt like the powder did not have that much flavoring.

I couldn’t eat these all alone and I shared them with my family. If you decide to visit Disneyland during this time of year, make sure to treat yourself to some of these snacks and others that they sell!

Alyssa Monroy

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