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The Slow Fashion Movement – Why it’s Important

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness,” said Mahatma Gandhi. True to his word, fast fashion cannot be beautiful because of the toll it takes on many underage overworked people in the world. Ethically, physically and environmentally, fast fashion has taken over the world where it hurts the workers and the life it came from. This is why the Slow Fashion Movement is crucial to become a part of, not only to better the lives of the workers where their time and value are taken from them but to establish that where the earth and the population are concerned, it’s pivotal to have it’s best interest at heart. 

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The Slow Fashion Movement actually came about in the late 20th century from the Slow Food Movement, which fought to preserve the diversity of food, clean production methods, and equality in pricing for producers and consumers, according to Vitamix. In the same way, the Slow Fashion Movement has its foundation based on three concepts: ethical, eco-friendly, and lasting fashion. Ethical meaning the fair treatment of human and animal rights while also providing equal opportunities such as supporting local artists instead of manufacturing in a factory. Eco-friendly concerns the impact on the environment and manufacturing such as using local materials and reusing materials second hand. Lasting fashion is quality over quantity, buying products that are slightly more expensive but will last longer. More information can be seen in this article by Who What Wear. Now you don’t need to fit all three standards as you begin to immerse yourself into slow fashion, but the goal is to support the brands and local artists that make their products based on those principles.

[bf_image id="xqb8p877j7rp9vnp7sf5fqhm"] There are a lot of struggles as to where to find fashion brands that support the slow fashion movement, but here are a few that I love for womxn that are beautifully crafted. Reformation is a brand that has cute cool silk dresses and sweats for comfort in all kinds of weather. It’s more expensive than most brands, but even buying one item helps as all of its clothing is sustainable and recycled. Amour Vert is another brand that’s a little less expensive for chic vibes and clean-cut options. For a more affordable option, Everlane is the least expensive brand with solid colors for a color wheel centered palette. Finally, the cheapest option is to thrift at second-hand stores such as Savers, Goodwill, and Out of the Closet. Thrifting is a great way to find beautiful statement pieces while reusing and reducing materials. My suggestion is to donate to give back while you shop at second-hand thrift stores so that the cycle can continue for others. 

[bf_image id="hgvtbh6z6k6wq3f6sp6wpp2q"] The Slow Fashion Movement promotes better quality for clothes, people, and the Earth. As Orsola de Castro, designer and co-founder of Fashion Revolution, says “demand quality not just in the products you buy, but in the life of the person who made it.”

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