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Seven Mitski Lyrics That Absolutely Crush Me (But in a Good Way)

Back in 2019, I discovered well-known Japanese-American singer-songwriter, Mitski, from the heart-wrenching film Someone Great. After hearing (and crying) through her entire discography, Mitski has become one of my favorite lyricists to date and I wanted to share some of my favorite and relatable lyrics of hers that absolutely destroy me and tug on my heartstrings like no other. 

Come Into the Water

I didn't know I had a dream

I didn't know until I saw you 

I see these lyrics in a more positive light where I compare my partner or lover to an actual dream. When in a dream-like state, we feel light and airy, and for someone to embody that state or feeling is a really good thing for me. 


And I want a love that falls as fast

As a body from the balcony, and

I want a kiss like my heart is hitting the ground

We all want a love that fuels us with rush and adrenaline. Sometimes I want to protect my heart and keep my guard up, but other times I do want intimacy and affection as powerful and passionate as this. 

First Love / Late Spring

I can't breathe 

Please don't say you love me

This reminded me of how dramatic my first love was and how new it was. But mainly, it’s just terrifying, especially at such a young age. 

Washing Machine Heart

Toss your dirty shoes in my washing machine heart

Baby, bang it up inside

In toxic relationships, we think we always need to fix people and provide emotional labor for them, but we don’t realize how much it damages us instead. 


I've been big and small and

Big and small and

Big and small again

And still nobody wants me

Still nobody wants me

Her most popular song to date, “Nobody” is a song to scream over and over in the car. These lines demonstrate how in relationships, we shift who we are and try so hard to morph ourselves into being desirable and wanted.  

Remember My Name

I need something bigger than the sky

Hold it in my arms and know it’s mine

The entire song itself makes me feel very powerful because I want to be remembered for who I am. Nothing will stop her from knowing and obtaining what she wants and that’s why I love these lines so much.


Francis Forever

I don't know what to do without you

I don't know where to put my hands

I’ve been trying to lay my head down

But I’m writing this at 3 AM

These lyrics are the most relatable of all because I hear these lines in my own voice. As someone who writes poetry and has gone through so much heartache, I’ve been in this exact position where we’re alone with our thoughts at the latest hours and have nothing else to do than to pour our feelings out onto paper. These lines perfectly capture the true emotion of isolation and yearning.  


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