Secret Santa Gifts Under $15

With the holidays approaching, you may be finding yourself involved in a secret Santa or White Elephant. Regardless if this is for work, friends, a club, or so on, here are some perfect gifts that won’t break the bank during the most wonderful time of the year.

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1. Fuzzy Socks = Your Best Friend


Fuzzy socks are totally cute, perfect for the upcoming cold months, and everyone needs socks! You can get creative with the socks you buy and can find some that are cute or punny. Plus, fuzzy socks are basically everywhere from the dollar stores to Marshall’s. Some come in packs of three or more and could even have a cute ribbon tying them together. On average for a pack of three or more it’ll be around $10.99, so you totally won’t break the bank while staying warm.


Throw these in a cute gift bag with some colorful tissue and a card, and you’re all set.

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2. Gift Cards


Gift cards are a nice gift because you’re practically telling the person here’s $15 and go out and buy something they like. You can get them a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant and they can spend it as they see fit. You can even personalize the gift card if you leave a sweet message on the back. This could be a message saying to enjoy the holidays, thank you for being a good friend, or even a small, winter drawing.

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3. Candles!


Candles are a fun way to keep your house warm and smelling good in the cold seasons. As long as you make sure they don’t have any allergies to a particular scent, then you should be good to go! The candles can be either small or large and you could even buy multiple. A personal favorite of mine is DW Home from Marshall’s because they’re easy to store and not as expensive compared to other candles. If you grab the small ones, they’re $3.99 and as you go up max you would pay is around $12.99 each. 

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Overall, whatever you choose to give will be sure to make your person happy because of the time you put thinking about what to get them. Just remember, a cute gift bag and a card go a long way. Happy holidays and happy shopping!