Santa Gift Guide

Exchanging gifts with others is always very exciting, especially when participating in Secret Santa. It is always surprising to find out who got who and what gifts everyone got each other. Here are three gift options to get your Secret Santa. 


1. For the Beauty Guru - Freeman 12 Days of Masking Palette.

(Photo Courtesy of Target)


Skincare is such an important part of any beauty guru’s routine. Taking care of one’s skin is essential during the holidays. From finals to last-minute shopping, there can be so much stress during the holiday season. This gift is perfect for the beauty guru who wants to keep their skin as clean and as healthy as possible. Get it at Target here.


2. For the VSCO Fanatic - Scunci Scrunchie Style Box

(Photo Courtesy of Target)


VSCO girls are on the rise and, thanks to them, so are scrunchies. This scrunchie box is perfect for the girl that has a hydro flask with no scrunchie to match. This box set has a scrunchie to match your Secret Santa’s mood. The variety of colors and textures can be the cherry on top of your Secret Santa’s outfit. Get it at Target.

3. For the Person that Needs to Get Organized - Planner

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We all know that one person that has a million things going on at once and doesn’t know how to plan. If you have this person as a Secret Santa, a planner is your best option. This planner is filled with monthly and weekly planning sheets, stickers, coloring pages, and empty lined pages to let your thoughts be free. Get it here.


These items are the perfect holiday gift for anyone looking for cheer and positivity this holiday season. Happy Holidays!