The Reasons Why My Parents Hated My Ex and What I Learned From It


When I got my very first boyfriend, everything was going well until I introduced him to my parents. They HATED my boyfriend. Technically, they had a reason to hate him because we did some pretty stupid things together.


My mom hated my ex-boyfriend because he would always call and ask me to drive him. As a high school student, I got money from my parents. My mom was obviously not happy when she saw that I was spending a lot of money on gas. She would tell me that my boyfriend was using me for my car and that I was wasting precious money. Me, being a stubborn teenager, disobeyed my mom and continued being my boyfriend’s chauffeur.


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My dad hated my ex-boyfriend for a different reason. One night, my Dad decided to be kind and drive me and my boyfriend out to dinner. We had a great time, until the car ride home. This was near the beginning of our relationship and we had a hard time keeping our hands off each other. We were in the back seat of my dad’s car and started making out. The next day, my dad took me to get some ice cream and talked to me about how he saw us from his rear-view mirror. He also told me he didn’t like my boyfriend.


Because both of my parents hated my boyfriend, I became pretty rebellious. I would sneak out of the house at 2 in the morning and drive 36 minutes to his house. I would say I’m out with friends when in reality I was hanging out with him. I even snuck him into my house on days my parents came home late from work. I ended up having a very rocky relationship with my parents because they began getting tired of my bad behavior. For the next 6 months, I rarely spoke to my parents.


When my boyfriend and I finally broke up, I realized how stupid I was for disrespecting my parents over a BOY! I look back at how much I disliked my parents for not liking my boyfriend, but that idea now seemed ridiculous! So, I had a whole lot of apologizing to do.


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From this entire experience, I learned that when your parents don’t like your boyfriend, listen to them. Trust me, if there’s anyone who knows you better than you know yourself, it’s your parents. They want what is best for you. Besides, do you want to date someone who isn’t welcome to family gatherings? A significant other is NOT worth losing your parents for. Your parents also have way more love for you than he does.