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Rapper Blueface Receives Backlash and Accusation of Sexual Assault After Going Viral

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

TW: Sexual Assault

This past weekend, rapper Blueface attended a strip club with his close friends. For those who may not know who he is, you might recognize the song “Thotiana,” one of his most popular songs. He videotaped multiple clips of the scene and posted it on his Instagram story for all of his seven million followers to see. The rapper went trending on Twitter in which many people were reposting his story of the strippers and making memes. However, he received major backlash. It was apparent that Blueface and his homies were having the time of their lives, but little did they know the videos upset many fans, especially womxn. 

In one of the many Instagram stories, the rapper aims the camera towards a stripper who is wearing nothing but a thong. As she is twerking, Blueface cheers her on and moves her thong to the side, showing her private part to the entire internet. The dancer quickly looks back at the rapper hesitantly processing what had just happened, covers herself and continues to dance. This left many people enraged and disgusted in which it depicts sexual assault towards a sex worker. People reported it to Instagram, however, it failed to be removed because it did not go against the community guidelines of the site.

All the while, people continued to call Blueface out on the sexual assault and how he revealed the dancers’ faces and nude bodies on social media.They were also furious with how irresponsible he was during a lockdown. With the 21M cases and 370,000 deaths in the U.S., the last thing that the country needs is people partying. Blueface sets a horrible example for young kids and his supporters in which it is clear he does not take this lockdown seriously. In conclusion, Blueface left people disappointed because the state of California is currently on lockdown. In the Instagram stories, no one was wearing a mask nor social distancing. It was as if everything was back to normal.

Jenita Raksanoh

UC Riverside '21

Jenita is a Media and Cultural Studies major at the University of California, Riverside. She enjoys meal prepping, working out, having photoshoots and discovering trendy food spots. Her goal is to motivate women to become healthier and become the best version of themselves. Being a young woman in college has taught her not only academically but mentally as well, which is why she is driven to help others through Her Campus.
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