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Pretty Little Liars: The BetrAyal, Who is Guilty?

So if you haven’t jumped onto the bandwagon of what is hands down the best show on ABC Family (don’t judge me!), then I’m sure you’ve at least heard of Pretty Little Liars. It’s the show you love to hate. You hate it because how is it that the cast is full of absolutely gorgeous people! And you love it because well, what isn’t there to love?

ABC has been creating a lot of hype about the summer season finale, just like they did when they revealed Mona to be part of the “A” team in the last finale (big shocker! *gasp) So apparently, next Tuesday it will be revealed that someone betrAys the liars. And right now, just about everyone is acting like Shady McShadersTown to me. I mean what did these girls do that is so bad that they can’t tell the police that multiple people are out to kill them?!? So below are the three people who I feel might be one of betrAyers!

Paige McCullers

She was honestly not on my “A” radar until this last episode. But with all her secrets, and the fact that she seems obsessed with Emily, I’d say if she’s not the betrAyer, she’s part of the A team. The girl is violent, and apparently has anger management issues. I also suspect her to having planted that snake in Spencer’s dressing room. If anything, Paige is someone who shouldn’t be messed with.

Lucas Gottesman

My money is on Lucas being the betrAyer. I mean he’s become the most shady person in town. Although he hasn’t really appeared on the show much this season, I’d say that he’s gone through a complete personality change. If anything, I could understand why he’d join the A team. He has a reason to hate all of the girls. And yes, he might have befriended Hannah later on, but I also get this odd feeling that he’s madly in love with her and is extremely jealous of Caleb. And plus the dude went to visit Mona, and had those drugs that were found in Emily’s drinking container. Something is definitely up with this chap!

Nate St. Germain

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the minute Nate walked into Rosewood, I got a very odd feeling about him. He claims to be Maya’s cousin but he seems more like her stalker/killer. During recent episodes his behavior has become quite erratic. He also appeared to be overly disturbed when her learned that Jenna was faking being blind, yelling “Don’t act like you don’t see me, I know you saw me!” Either he is hiding something or has a really tough time handling rejection and liars. 

I also feel like Jenna’s warning to Emily, “be very careful who you spend time with” was directed towards Nate not Paige. 

Well, if you’re still not hyped about the betrAyal then watch the following Canadian promotion for the episode, since the American one is lame. 

Got any “A”/BetrAyal theories? Feel free to leave them in the comments section!

Photo Source (Paige Snake): http://petrovagirls.tumblr.com/post/29981301961

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