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Preparing an Emergency Kit


Recently, I was stuck in my apartment for an hour without power due to two transformers failing. I struggled to find my way through my apartment and with my phone at 60% my light was limited. Even though I was only in the dark for an hour, it made me realize that I am unprepared for any emergency that may come my way. As a native Californian, I know the threat of earthquakes to be real. However, I had nothing to help me in my one hour of need.




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In case of an emergency, the plumbing may be affected and water may be unsafe to drink. For many, the solution is to boil the water, but depending on the emergency turning on the stove may be dangerous as there could be a gas leak or the gas has been shut off. The Department of Homeland Security recommends “one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days.” The water can also be used for other purposes such as washing your hands.




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It’s a good idea to stock up on non-perishable food as it might be a while before you can get out of your house to go to the supermarket. Canned vegetables, fruit, tuna, chicken, and soups are great items to pack. Just like water, you ideally want to have a supply of food that will last three days or more. Don’t forget a can opener!


A Source of Light


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Sources of light could be candles, flashlights and puck lights. Puck lights are wireless and battery operated lights that you can put anywhere. They are useful because you can light up the walkways of your home. Make sure to buy batteries, matches or a lighter!


First Aid Kit

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A first aid kit can be used in any emergency situation and is a great item to have in your house. You can make a kit yourself or buy one already made.


When you have gathered all of your items for your emergency kit store them in a backpack or container. Preferably, you want to store your kit somewhere that is easily accessible. Coordinate with your family members or roommates and discuss what to do if an emergency should occur. An emergency can happen at any moment and it is better to be over prepared than not prepared at all.


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