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Plus-Size Bloggers Who Spread Body Positivity Through Fashion


When scrolling through Instagram or any social media platform, I often get discouraged when I see that most of the fashion posts I come across are targeted for smaller sized girls. I am a plus-size gal and love to see the way others dress. I enjoy seeing how women of all shapes and sizes dress, but sometimes what looks amazing on smaller sizes won’t look as amazing on me. I have been seeing more and more body positivity bloggers on social media and it’s truly encouraging to see women and men of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable in their skin. There are some bloggers and influencers whose style and personality I relate with more and wanted to share them with you guys.


1. Alexandra Thomas

(Photo by Alexandra Thomas on Instagram)


Alexandra, or as she prefers to go by Alex, is a YouTuber; her channel is called LearningToBeFearless. Alex has a style more similar to what I like to wear, she’s always wearing something comfortable and adds her feminine touches. The thing I find interesting about Alex is that we are the same size in clothes, yet clothes look different on her and me; I take this as proof that we all carry our weight differently and that size is just a number. In her channel, Alex also does beauty tutorials and weekly vlogs that make her very relatable and likable. On Alex’s Instagram, you can see plenty of positivity as she challenges her fears and wears clothes that some say plus-size girls can’t and shouldn’t wear.


2. Kristin Chirico

(Photo by Kristin Chirico on Instagram)


You may recognize Kristin from Buzzfeed’s LadyLike, she’s a funny girl who you can catch wearing a dress or a skirt about 95% of the time. I’m usually afraid to wear a dress or a skirt because of the chub rub, then I realized I could just wear some spandex and feel uncomfortable all day. Kristin’s style is also more of the feminine side but she has also worn a couple of pants suits and also rocks those. Some of my favorite types of videos to watch from Kristin are the ones where she tries trending styles because she tries to make them work for her body and comfort. It is also fun to see that the outfits she sometimes thinks she won’t like are the ones she likes the most and gets the most compliments on.


3. Jessica Torres

(Photo by Jessica Torres on Instagram)


Jessica is one of my more recent finds on Instagram, she is a blogger and is one of the people with a more unique style. At first glance I look at Jessica’s outfits and am amazed at how hipster style looks on her, I thought bigger girls wouldn’t be able to pull hipster style off as well, but I am glad that Jessica always proves me wrong. Jessica’s style is different than mine, but I like to look at her feed because her posts manage to convince me that I can pull off any style and that plus-size girls look just as good in trending styles. There’s a beauty to Jessica’s unique style and I look forward to putting an outfit together inspired by Jessica’s unique and trendy styles.


Final Thoughts


Although social media can be a toxic place for people going through body-positivity problems, I have managed to find a community of some badass plus-size women who spread love and positivity through their platforms. Their passion for fashion has led them to find ways to make what they like work for them and their pleasure and not for the pleasure of others. Size really is just a number, we can wear what we want and how we want, there are no rules to fashion.

Araceli Martinez

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Hi, I'm a 4th-year Political Science Major with a minor in Labor Studies. My hope is to create relatable content that will help others feel empowered or that they are not alone.
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