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One Piece, Many Looks: The Oversized Cardigan

One Piece, Many Looks: The Oversized Cardigan


Winter has hit Southern California. Luckily for us it never gets too cold where we have to give up trends and fashion in order to stay warm in these cooler winter months. Lately my go to look is the oversized cardigan. Since winter is a time to feel cozy and relaxed, it is easy to wear all day without sacrificing style. Using it with other everyday pieces such as leggings, t-shirts or even an old spring dress, the oversized cardigan will get you out the door so you can enjoy this time of year in style.


Early Morning Class




Lunch with Friends

Date Night



On the hanger, the oversized cardigan may not look like much but with the help of essential pieces in your closet, it can turn into an effortless, trendy and cozy look to get you through the season.

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Mia Garcia

UC Riverside

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