New Year's Resolutions- FRIENDS EDITION

This New Years...

Flirt like Joey- Everyone loves flirting and if you have never tried it or you are bad at it, then there’s no better time than now to start this new year/holiday season. Flirt away and bring a smile to your face and others and -- who knows ladies -- you might end up getting that free coffee drink with just a smile. ;)


Dress Like Rachel- Dress to impress not only for others but for yourself. Studies have shown, and by studies I mean my own experience, that when you dress up to your level of comfort and style, you automatically feel confident because you know that you are dressed nicely and feeling good. It is like dominoes in a way because when you know you look good, that automatically brings a smile to your face, which means you are happy. This leads to you being confident because you are dressed well and that leads to everyone around you being in a good mood because you are smiling and happy. When others are in a good mood, people around them adopt that same positive attitude and everyone’s day is automatically brightened. Why else do you think Rachel was so peppy and cheerful? It definitely wasn’t because she and Ross were on a break…


Clean like Monica- Start of this new decade with a clean slate. Clean your mind, your apartment, your room, and habits like Monica. Now everyone knows Monica’s neuroticism with cleaning is funny to watch, but when you have a clean space and organized stuff, your mind automatically becomes calmer in a way because you are not living in a cluttered, messy dump. When everything is clean, you know exactly where your stuff is, which makes it easier; plus, seeing how clean it is will give you a sense of accomplishment which will motivate you to get other tasks done.


Live Like Phoebe- Phoebe is definitely a character we all dearly love because she is so ditzy but sweet. Phoebe probably lives the way she does because of all that she went through when she was young, so she truly appreciates life for what it is and doesn't need much to get by because she is satisfied with what she has. Plus on top of that, Phoebe truly does not care what other people think, which is what we love about her. She lives life on her own terms, firm in her beliefs, despite how weird they  may be, but her friends still love her. Do you this decade.. Always do what you feel is right for you, which might not be the same for others around you, but if you are with the right squad then they will love you for you. Try new things out this year and live like Phoebe this decade. Express your inner weirdness and try new stuff for you.


Care Like Ross- Ross, although he can be annoying at times and doesn't know when to let go of things such as arguing with Phoebe about evolution or admitting what he did to Rachel was wrong, even though they were on a break, is a very caring person. He has shown multiple times that he cares through his interactions with Monica. Every time she went through any trouble, he was there or missed an award show because Rachel broke her foot, or especially -- and this is one of my favorite moments -- when he bought Phoebe a bike with sparkles on the side because she rode a bike and/or had a bike in her childhood. He is a very caring friend. Care for yourself, your friends, roommates, and family like him. It gives you a good feeling and honestly, that’s all you need. Get that good feeling from helping anyone; even though you might not receive it back from them, the universe might give it back to you in some way. 

A couple of hours before my last final I had left my red scantron at my house and it was too far and too late to go back and get it. I wasn't able to get it from the vending machine either because they only took Bear Bucks and I did not have any. I bothered the girl at the front desk of the library multiple times on how to transfer Bear Bucks, but in the end, when I tried everything and it didn’t work, I just went to a table by myself stressing and almost cried. That same girl,went and bought a packet of scantrons for me and didn’t even let me pay her back. She just said, “don’t worry about it”. That small act of kindness is something that I will never forget as a fellow student. A fellow student helping another fellow student out in need. Care this new decade and be kind to everyone. You might not get immediate gratification but the person you help out will truly wish the best for from their heart and you never know, the universe works in mysterious ways, it might return the favor.


Joke Like Chandler- Saved the best for the last. Chandler Bing is hands down the best character in Friends in my opinion and let’s face it, the whole world. As much as everyone loves the rest of the Friends cast, everyone loves Chandler Bing for his sweetness, awkwardness, jokes, and sarcasm. He is the king of sarcasm. Joke Like Chandler this decade, making light of the situation especially during your darkest moments. While there are some things you have to take seriously, don't take everything too seriously this new year. It’s not good for your health and your mind. Joke like Chandler and bring laughter to yourself and others. As cliche as it sounds, laughter truly is the best medicine. During midterms, finals, fights with your family and friends, try to laugh it through with Chandler and bring some brightness to your life and others during this decade. We are all going to face hard times during the decade at some point, but with a positive mindset and with jokes like Chandler Bing has, you can get through it and make this the best decade you will ever have. 



(Image by Cosmopolitan)

“Shine Like Sparkles, Glow Like Candles!” Let go of all the bad times of the decade, and think of all the good experiences, memories, and most importantly how each memory good or bad made who you are at this moment. Happy New Year!!!


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