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The New Twilight

Let me just start off by saying that I have nothing against Twilight, Twihards, Stephenie Meyer, or the series in general. When I was in middle school and high school, I too was one of those girls that drooled over Robert Pattinson’s abs and cried when Bella chose Edward over Jacob (Team Jacob all the way!).

While browsing through Netflix in the midst of procrastinating for midterms a couple of days ago, I found a show called Star Crossed on the Popular On Netflix section. I had seen the trailers for this show a long time ago and had been intrigued by it so I decided to watch a couple of episodes and see what it was like. Eight episodes into it now, I can tell you that although the details change, the general idea is basically Twilight all over again but with an outer space twist. Let’s look over some of the facts and you can make up your own mind about how similar these two shows really are.

1)      [Insert supernatural species here] hottie falls in love with human girl


2)      They want to be together but cannot because of their differences


3)      Girl finds solace in human (or not so human) boy


4)      Hottie wins girl over with help from super hot best friend/brother


5)      Lots of sexual tension arises


6)      Bad guys want girl dead(or as a snack), hottie must protect her


7)      Hottie and girl end up together (as of now I have not yet finished the entire season so stay tuned for an update!)


Now that you know the cold hard facts, what do you guys think? Is Star Crossed a Twilight recyclable or a modern twist on an old classic?

Don’t Netflix too much HC Cuties, and good luck with midterms!

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Darcie Chapman

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