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My Kind of Homework: Netflix Must-Sees

As a Media and Cultural Studies major, I have some of the best homework assignments any college student could ask for. This quarter for my film class, instead of buying a textbook I got to buy a Netflix subscription. (I almost shed a tear when I read the syllabus). Here is a list of some of my favorite films available on Netflix right now. Check them out and let me know your faves so I can add some new shows to “My List”!


Amelie is my new favorite film. Seriously. This is the smart story of the shy, hilarious Amelie who discovers something amazing within the walls of her apartment, and within herself. Watch it!


2. City of God

This is my (second) new favorite film. I instantly fell in love with the characters. If you love true stories about friendship and brotherhood, this film is for you.


3. Frances Ha

Ugh, this film makes me so happy. If you like watching films about navigating post-grad life, check this one out. It’s witty, realistic and will definitely make you smile.


4. Chef

This cute family film is a classic heart-warmer. But be warned, it will make you hunger.


5. Chico and Rita

The right combination of music, love and awesome animation makes for a truly unforgettable film. Check it out and let me know some of your favorite animated feature films!


6. Out of the Furnace

This gritty, beautifully shot film follows a scorned brother out for serious revenge. Tap into your inner bad-ass while enjoying this amazing display of cinematography.


Yay for quality filmmaking!

Until Next Time,


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I'm a 3rd year Media and Cultural Studies major at the University of California, Riverside
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