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For all of my life, I have had oily skin. Seriously, I produced more oil than the US at one point. But over the summer, my skin went through a lot of changes after it had a reaction to a product I used. After that, I found myself having to learn how to care for combination skin. My cheeks were dry, and on bad days, they were peeling from the lack of hydrating products I had.

I had to force myself to ditch clay masks and select more hydrating products. Now, after a few months, I have gathered a couple of hydrating face masks that have helped me keep my skin in check.


Glossier’s Moisturizing Moon Mask


This mask has been my favorite for years now. I always have it in my skin care fridge or on my shelf. It’s one of those facemasks I like to bring out when I have face masks nights with my friends because they always love it. It literally makes you glow.


I honestly didn’t have any products that were hydrating, except my hyaluronic, and then I remembered I had my Glossier moon mask. This mask kept my skin fresh and plump, even when my skin was red and scabbing from the reaction I had. It made my skin hurt less, and even gave me a little glow. 


(Photo courtesy of Glossier’s Instagram)


Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask


Shout out to my Her Campus chapter for giving my some samples of innisfree. I’m now hooked on this mask. It’s hydrating, smells good, and it makes my skin feel amazing when I use it. I’m a fan of using face masks after using foundation, especially when I use my matte one. So after getting a sample of this, I decided to put this on and magic literally happened. 

I can really recommend this mask to anyone considering because they’re each only $1.80 on the official website. It’s a Korean skin care brand (although they have other things too), and it’s always been on my Pinterest and Instagram feed. Now that I have tried it, I can really say it’s a good buy.


(Photo courtesy of innisfree’s Instagram)


Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask


Boxycharm sent these masks out a while ago, and I used one out of boredom one day. I loved it and stole my sister’s because I’m honestly a big fan of sheet masks. Most of them just hydrate you. But this face masks helped my skin out when I had my cheeks really dry, and it made me feel good while I relaxed and read a book. They’re not exactly budget friendly, but it’s because Tatcha knows how to make products that work. If there’s ever a sale on them, I’ll most likely pick some more up now that I only have one left in my little fridge. 


(Photo courtesy of Tatcha’s Instagram)


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