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Left to Right: Ally Young – keybord (@iamallyyoung), Sam Jackson – guitar (@samueldjackson), Lee Newell – vocals (@leonardnewell), & Frank Colucci – drums (@FrankColucci)


The term “heartsick pop” is the single description you will find on the Facebook page for UK band Lovelife. Their newest EP titled STATELESS (released earlier this summer) truly conveys what the term implies. Filled with heartbreaking and haunting lyrics veiled by catchy synth-pop sounds, drums, and chord progressions, one listen and you’ll find yourself wanting more than a four song EP.


Download for free at LVLF.info!

Currently based in LA, the charming English foursome just finished up residency at the Bootleg Theatre where they played a free show every Monday for the month of November. Steadily the crowds grew; their last performance even drew in some out-of-staters – a pair of fans from Arizona.

Catch a show as they kick off their December residency in the Constellation Room at The Observatory in Santa Ana. With a show every Monday make sure you don’t miss out!

We caught up with them this past week at the Bootleg. Press play and get to know the band.


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