Movies To Watch If You Need A Good Cry

Do you ever have those moments when you really need to watch a sad movie and cry it out? This feeling is totally normal and if you’re feeling like that right now and need to let out some stress, then these are definitely the movies for you.

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#1 La La Land


This movie is a slow burn about two artistic lovers, Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). The two are aspiring artists who are trying to achieve their dreams while also battling numerous obstacles, such as rejection, along the way. If you need the tearjerker scene, just watch the ending scene of the movie. You’re guaranteed to cry every time because this scene shows the life Mia and Sebastian could have had together. It’s a snowball effect of their lives beginning with sharing success in their careers and ultimately starting a family together. What always hurts me the most is how Mia still thinks about her could have been moment and for a second in her eyes, when snapped back into reality, she is ready to risk everything for that fairytale moment.

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#2 Coco


I watched this movie in theaters three times when it first came out. Every time, even after knowing how the movie ends, I bawled my eyes out. Being able to identify with this movie hit me close to home, which is one of the main reasons I felt so vulnerable while watching it. Regardless if you identify with Hispanix/Latinx culture, this movie will pull your heartstrings. From Hector’s friend Cheech moving on to the “last death” to Mama Coco’s picture being put on the altar (meaning she passed on), this movie definitely has its teary-eyed moments. However, the movie is playful and ends on a happy note while the family sings and dances together.

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#3 Love, Rosie


This is a rom-com I stumbled on by chance and it was a very pleasant surprise. Thinking it would only be a film about unrequited love between two friends, Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Clafflin), the film also has many twists and turns before the two can even share their feelings for one another. From the time of their first kiss at Rosie’s birthday, which she was too drunk to remember, Alex spends years trying to keep Rosie’s wish of forgetting “that night ever happened.” The scenes that cause the waterworks was mainly the funeral scene, but also when the two friends deal with conflicts such as Rosie’s boyfriend hiding Alex’s love letter and Rosie having to choke back that she loves Alex while at his wedding.


These are just some of my favorite movies I enjoy, but also happen to cry in the process. Happy watching and get those tissues ready!