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Midweek Study Break: How It Feels to Start a New Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

The beginning of winter semester is always so exciting. Everyone has brand new New Year’s resolutions!

This semester you will get straight As! But first…

You need to go buy new school supplies for all your note taking necessities.

But ugh, then you see your required book list. Do I really have to read 5 novels to pass the class?

You try to stay optimistic about the semester by thinking happy thoughts. Maybe plan your outfits for the first week since your laundry hasn’t had time to build up.

On the first day you run into no one and there are no cute guys in your courses, complete waste of a good outfit. And that episode of Lizzie McGuire still resonates with you.

You meet up with all your friends since no one has any real work to do on the first week anyways.

With lectures starting you face the same dilemma as always. Sit up front with the much too eager people…

Or in the back where everyone has already given up and just may be sleeping.

The first week of the term your workspace is so clean, and you vow to keep it this organized!

That lasts about four days, all your handouts and empty chip bags make it look like a hoarder’s paradise.

Your professors all seem cool enough and their syllabus gives you hope of getting that A.

But then there’s the one professor who thinks their course is everyone’s number one priority. They even have the nerve to suggest everyone will probably not get an A.

Beginnings of the semester are great. You run into friends literally all around campus!

Having little to no homework leaves plenty of time for a Netflix binge.

Plus, didn’t you just receive your financial aid check? Because I think you deserve a new outfit.

Keep up those high spirits, because midterms are only 3 weeks away!

And for you seniors, have you figured out what you’re doing after graduation yet??

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Rubi Mancilla

UC Riverside

Rubi Mancilla is a fourth year studying Psychology and Women's Studies at UC Riverside. She decided to double major because at the time it seemed like she was getting two degrees for the price of one, the ultimate sale! She writes about relationships, how to spend a Friday night at home, being a confused twenty-something and never having enough money in her bank account. Her column 'Midweek Study Break' is published every Wednesday but you can read more of her work in her new project, When Life Gives You Rubi. Until Disney decides to make a movie about how hard it is to be a recent (single) college graduate, we can try to figure out this whole being a grown up thing together.   
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