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If a song is so “sad” then why does it make me wanna live out a romantic movie scene? For myself, music is most powerful when the energy it creates makes a person feel something intensely. So, when it comes to playing music for my friends I end up stressed out of my mind trying to read what they wanna feel like at the moment. Usually, I'll throw caution to the wind and play whatever song made me feel good recently; eight times out of ten it's a “sad” song and I get rightfully kicked off aux, but if you're trying to fall in love with love here are four of those “sad” love songs that aren't actually sad.

Hawaiin party

This is a lovely song written by an Australian pop group called Cub Sport in which they blend electronic pop with traditional organ/gospel elements. In an interview with Eq Music Blog, they describe their sound as “gentle and warm” which is exactly what I love about it. The lyrics are hypnotizing in their repetition of “party” and the dissonance of “one-two” that plays throughout the piece. When they choose to repeat “party” it gives main character dancing with a love interest energy, especially since parties are prominently seen in films as a thing for college/high school. It’s a fun song that makes me wanna seize the moment.

 Lovers Rock

TV girl is an American Indie Pop/Rock band from San Diego, and they are the people behind the endearing song of Lovers Rock. I love this song for its play on imagery, “and if she grabs for your hand, and drags you along, she might want a kiss, before the end of the song.” I think this is such a puppy love type of romance, honest in its intention, and it makes me wanna chase after that feeling. Adding to this, they create intensity with this lyric in the way they emphasize and slow the “s” sounds, making it sound soft and sensual. The romance in this song is overall why I’d wanna fall in love to this song.

 Far Away

Jessie Reyez is a Canadian singer and songwriter who reeled me in with this song. This song falls under R&B/ Soul but it reminds me of bubble gum pop; the reason it caught my attention was because of its earnest lyrics. She opens up with “hand on the bible, I think you're the love of my life…” She's kind of declaring her love to someone with full honesty, as you would in a court of law. Later she briefly repeats “On my momma, I’ll never hurt you.” Lyrics like this make the song feel intimate and real; that lust and hope that you feel in a relationship are accurately depicted and I’d be lying if I said it didn't strike a chord with me.

Velvet Light

Known for his bedroom pop tunes, Jakob Ogawa this short but very entrancing song. In an interview with High Snobiet he said it was about “…about something sweet that once was and the constant longing for it,” and it in fact is, they maintained a melody that was slow and passionate using metaphors such as “ a melody so undefined I met you in the velvet light.” The diction fell towards “pink cashmere” and “kiss you there,” coupled with the song’s hazy pink and velvet cover art make it hard to miss as a prominent love song.

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