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Long Distance Mother’s Day Ideas

Many of us at UCR find ourselves in a position in which we can’t go home for Mother’s Day weekend to celebrate our moms. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t let them know we appreciate them! Here are four ways to let your mom know you love her even if you’re far away!


1. Order a gift online

With technology these days, you can pretty much do anything and that includes ordering gifts online and the seller will ship it to the address of your choice. This is perfect if you want to get your mom something that’s only available online like those perfect handmade goodies from Etsy. Alternatively, you can just mail your mom a gift that you bought in person.


2. Send a card

There’s a running joke in my family about cards being physical place holders for gifts. So this is usually on the top of my Mother’s Day gift lists. I also really love the process of finding the perfect card because nothing beats a card that’s the perfect mixture between comedic and thoughtful.

3. Send a Mother's Day themed care package

This is for all of you who want to put in a little extra thought into your Mother’s Day presents. I don’t know about you but I get a lot of care packages from my mom. I think anyone’s mom would be touched to get a care package from their child.


4. Skype

I know my mom would probably appreciate this the most. I don’t get to see her often so I’m sure getting face to face quality time would be much appreciated.

Even if you don’t go through with one of these options, you should definitely give your mom a call and let her know she’s appreciated!

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