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Kili Evans!

Bright lights! Big City!

The basics

DOB: October 2, 1994

Hometown: Hawai’i

Relationship Status: Single, not exactly looking for someone but open to whatever the future holds

Major/ Minor: Business/ Pre-requisites for medicine; I want to become a personal trainer but also continue my career in modeling and acting. I am going to be a busy girl!

Funn Stuff

What are some of your hobbies?

Volleyball I’ve been playing for about 7 years now

Acting and Singing


I love doing hair

I also love to shop, I think I might be a shopaholic…

Since, you’re a big sports fan, what are some of your favorite teams? 

Football – Cowboys

Baseball- Dodgers

No favorite soccer team but I love to watch! 

And my favorite beach volleyball player is Misty May Treanor

Who is your favorite singer/ songwriter? Lauryn Hill and India Arie

Who is your favorite actor/actress? Terrence Howard and Angelina Jolie


What is your biggest pet peeve, when it comes to dating? This is a good-ass question (laughs)…I don’t like when guys say one thing and do another or say for example they act differently when there with their friends and they change once we start dating.

When dating, what stands out the most?  Showing interest in my conversation, trying to get to know me and focusing on my conversation and not checking his cellphone. Just really trying to have a conversation with me and of course if he has a cute smile and nice eyes!

What is your ideal first date? I really like animals so going to the zoo or just going somewhere we don’t have to spend money so chilling at the beach or somewhere we can really get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company away from everyone.

Going in Deep

Where do you hope to be in 10 years? I hope to be traveling around the world modeling and in an Oscar winning film. Acting is my first love! I feel like acting is the art of the soul and I want both to continue in my life

Who or what inspires you? My dad that’s because I know he had a rough childhood and for him to come above it and still always be there and motivates me to be better, is amazing. He’s my rock; my keeper; my other half.  

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Daisy E Soto

UC Riverside

Born and raised in sunny California. Daisy would learn the ancient ways of the 'valley girl.' she would go on to graduate from an unknown high school in Fontana and move to Riverside to study with the highlanders. She is in a committed relationship with her English bulldog, Toby and her television. Daisy idolizes authors such as John Green, Jane Austen, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips and hopes she can be a speck as brilliant as they are in the future.
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