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Keeping Punk Alive in Amyl and the Sniffers Newest Album ‘Comfort to Me’

Four-piece Australian punk rock band Amyl and the Sniffers have recently released their sophomore album Comfort to Me, and it is a powerhouse of vibrant energy.

I was already hooked once I discovered them at the beginning of this year and listened to their self-titled album, so I was excited to see what their new album would bring. Comfort to Me proves that they just keep getting better and better. I was immediately impressed by the improvement in their writing and sounds, and I strongly believe that they represent what it means to be punk.

This is the energy I look for in a punk band. It’s especially even cooler that it’s being embodied by a badass front-woman. Amy Taylor yells for space in a crowd in “Freaks to the Front” and addresses issues women face on a daily basis with lyrics “they sexualize my body and get mad when I exploit it” in the track “Capital.” Things become even more meaningful and almost somber in the song “Knifey” where she sings “Out comes the night, out comes my knifey // This is how I get home nicely” which talks about the issue of women feeling unsafe in public spaces and needing to defend themselves.

There is such an authentic sound and delivery that this band gave in this album and they truly did not disappoint. Their first track on the record “Guided by Angels” is an amazing opener for the album and the music video depicts how Amy’s got “plenty of energy.”

My favorite track, “Security,” ties the album altogether with its catchy lyrics. It’s got such an explosive rhythm with Amy yelling “I’m not looking for trouble // I’m looking for love!” The song’s music video shows her having a great time dancing by herself unapologetically.

“Security”- Amyl & the Sniffers

This album as a whole really inspired me to be carefree just as she is. Just like Amy, “I don’t want unsolicited advice”! I especially feel empowered when singing along to the lyrics in “Choices“:

Does my opinion really make you that sick?
Every decision every consequence
My choice is my own
My Body my own
Opinion is my own
I own it, I own it

Along with the other tracks, “Hertz” is also a great song that has lots of heavy, layered sounds that are raw and authentic; you can hear all the rage and passion in her voice which makes you want to punch the air along with her.

“Herts”- Amyl & the Sniffers

Amy Taylor is one of the greatest front-women I’ve seen in the modern punk scene and all band members embody a strong punk image. I love that Amy presents herself with so much passion and charisma in both her vocal delivery and performance. This short clip alone shows how ecstatic and pumped up she gets when performing.

Comfort to Me is a record of chaos, rage, fun, and excitement that has revitalized punk. I think this is what the punk rock scene has been missing. Amyl and the Sniffers are definitely now on my list of artists that I have got to see perform live.

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