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The Jonas Brothers Are Back and Here’s What We Know


The hype for the Jonas Brothers reuniting is Burnin’ Up on social media. The band had seperated back in 2013, breaking the hearts of young girls all across the world. It’s been 5 years since the band was active and their songs have a loving spot on all of our throwbacks playlists. The hope for them to reunite and create new music hadn’t even been a possibility in anyone’s mind, but it seems this reunion came when no one expected it and when everyone needed it. The Jonas Brothers are finally back and the world is ready.


Photo Courtesy of @jonasbrothers on Instagram


Ever since the band’s Instagram account was activated about two weeks ago, rumors have been flying about the band’s possible reunion. Hopeful fans went to Twitter and Instagram to find answers but band members Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas stayed silent on the matter. It wasn’t until Thursday morning when a series of posts confirming not only the reunion of the band we all know and love, but the release of a new song and music video scheduled for later that day was announced on their accounts.

The band’s new single, “Sucker,” immediately caught fire. Hitting #1 trending on Youtube, #1 song on iTunes, and #1 music video on iTunes within the first 12 hours of its release. The brothers are definitely using the media’s hype to their advantage and with fans coming out of their own hiatus, it’d be no surprise to see the Jonas Brothers not only regain the popularity they once had, but even surpass it.


In order to keep the hype going, the band will be appearing on The Late Late with James Corden. The band released a promo video announcing that they will be on the show this upcoming week. This is going to continue to fuel the fire that fans have started and keep their audience talking. In the promotional video for the Carpool Karaoke portion of Corden’s show, Nick Jonas comments how “It’s nice to finally be able to tell somebody. We’ve kept this a secret now for almost seven, eight months. This is basically our first performance back.” More than likely, fans are going to find out the answers to questions we’re all burning to ask them: Why did they decide to get back together? How? And is there an album and tour following “Sucker”?


Photo Courtesy of TV Guide


It’s no secret that Jonas Brothers once were an iconic music icon throughout our childhoods, but now it seems as though the brothers want to reclaim that title in our adulthoods as well. It seems positive that they can succeed, especially with social media platforms lighting up the band in the spotlight currently, the band, however, will need to continue to fuel the fire and give audiences a reason to keep listening. Their audience has changed, so the band needs to adapt as well. The hype that nostalgia creates is a spark, but to keep Burnin’ Up, the Jonas Brothers need to prove that they are still relevant and keep fans engaged.

Genevieve Ortiz

UC Riverside '23

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