Ivan Herrera: President Positivity

This week’s Campus Celebrity is Ivan Herrera, President of UCR’s Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda. Herrera is currently a 4th year Political Science major and as he gears up for the year ahead of him, he took a second to discuss his involvements on campus as well as what motivates him during his busy schedule.


You came to school last year as a transfer looking for opportunity to get involved with the school and stumbled upon PBL. What does it represent?

The club is about developing leadership skills for personal and professional growth for all individuals that chose to be involved. What makes the club so special is that it isn’t geared for just one particular group of people, whether that is based on major or even class status, it is made for all students because we believe that every single person is designed for success. The responsibility of my officers and myself is to help the students pursue what exactly motivates them and this in time will lead them to the inevitable success that awaits them.


What are some things that the club does for the community as well as for its members?

The club’s primary philanthropy is March of Dimes. We participate in events throughout the school year to not just raise awareness for this organization but also help raise funds for this great cause. PBL also works with Relay for Life and the American Cancer society.


I understand that you are the current President of the club. What made you want to run in the first place?

The challenge of wanting to inspire was my main driving force in wanting to be the next president of this club. Last year was such an amazing year where aside from meeting great individuals I got an opportunity to grow professionally and personally. Ultimately, the privilege to influence others to improve themselves is what makes me humbled and blessed to be in this position.


As the beginning of the new school year gets into gear what are some things that you want to accomplish during your time as president?

I want to of course help the club get as many members as possible but in order to do this the main priority of mine is to prepare our weekly meetings in such a manner that will have the members feel more confident about themselves when dealing with the different ups and downs that life will throw at them. 


So when you aren’t busy doing super important presidential type things, what do you like to do in your spare time?

When I get the chance to enjoy some spare time I love to play basketball, whether it’s competitive or even for leisure, playing or even participating in basketball drills helps me escape from the everyday responsibilities that I deal with.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It's hard to pinpoint exactly where exactly I will be five years from now, but I know that I will be at least working in a career that will help me get closer to my dream of having my own foundation for children.


What is it that you do in order to keep a positive outlook in your daily life?

Honestly it roots to my faith in Christ, looking back at where my life was just a few short years ago compared to now and it’s crazy how much God has helped me better myself and let go of the past frustrations that haunted me. Now I take every second of everyday just being grateful for being alive and use that to stay motivated to be the best Ivan Herrera that I can possibly be.