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It’s Okay to Not Feel Festive This Holiday Season

2020 has been inexplicably difficult enough for many of us. Now that December and the holiday season has arrived, some of us haven’t really been in the “holiday mood.” If you’ve been feeling this way, it’s perfectly normal considering how many curveballs have been thrown our way and how fast this year has flown by.

Christmas and the holidays are usually an exciting and joyous time for me.The first of the month came and I couldn’t believe how a year flashed before my eyes. My reaction was “How is it December already?!”.  Once December 1st hits, I always blast “Last Christmas” by Wham!, but this year, it just didn’t feel the same. I haven’t been in the mood to listen to any Christmas songs or do my usual festivities with my friends. With everything going on, the Christmas spirit just isn’t there. 

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Mentally, my mind is still way back in March when the severity of the coronavirus was announced. No one really expected all of this to last almost a year, but alas here we are. Time has really felt nonexistent for the entire year and I was shocked as each month would quickly pass by us. 

Even though this holiday season doesn’t feel as normal as usual. I’m still trying to make the best out of it. A family tradition that my family and I always do, regardless of whether we're in the spirit or not, is to decorate our Christmas tree together. It’s a special moment where we enjoy each other’s company during the season and it definitely cheered me up when we decorated it last week.

[bf_image id="5qmqqjt9b47xt6hg2gc9trnv"] Unfortunately, getting together with all of our family members and friends for this holiday season isn’t the safest option, as we all should be socially distancing ourselves from one another to look out for our health. However, there are some things we can try to do to not let this festive slump get in the way of feeling the slightest bit of joy during these holidays. I advise us all to check in our family and friends to see how they’re doing during this time of the year. Although we can’t physically see each other to celebrate, we can try Facetiming or setting up Zoom calls to virtually wish one another a safe Happy Holidays. A simple call or text could really make someone’s day or cheer someone up. 

[bf_image id="qfzjst-398i9s-dj915"] We may not be able to celebrate as we usually do, but we can still try to make the best out of the last month of 2020. New Years is just around the corner and I’m truly hoping that 2021 will bring us so much more abundance to make up for this past year.

Jasmine Aguirre

UC Riverside '21

Hi! I'm Jasmine (Jay) & I'm a 4th year Media & Cultural Studies major. I aspire to communicate through written word, in hopes that we can all learn something along the way & I love sharing all of my interests. I have a huge passion for anything music related, as I want to someday become a music journalist.
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