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Growing up, we have always heard to always be yourself, but let’s be real and honest, it is hard to ever truly be yourself. In this time you have to play the game of life and know how to act around different situations and people. Sometimes that will require you to be diplomatic and frame your opinions in a different way than what you truly want to say. 

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I was watching Grey’s Anatomy yesterday and Meredith Grey was telling her husband about how she always tells her daughter Zola to “be pretty on the inside.” When she said that, it got me thinking about how often people say how it is what is on the inside that matters more than the out. That still got me thinking about how as much as I wish that was true, it is commonly known and this was discussed in my intro to psych class that good-looking people can get away with anything such as getting out of a parking ticket. However when I was thinking deeply about why being pretty on the inside is said so often, this is why. When you are pretty on the inside it makes you pretty on the outside too because you are at peace with yourself and therefore your happiness and confidence shine through to your face. That is what others surrounding you see and that energy you give attracts others to you. It attracts like-minded people to you and that energy spreads like a ripple effect.

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    To be honest, it does seem hard to truly be yourself to open up because the times we are living in now are a time of judgment and cancel culture but what you put out there is what you attract. Therefore while it does seem impossible to truly be yourself it is important for one to be genuinely themselves because you will be at peace knowing that you are truly true to yourself.


Rithika Nair

UC Riverside '21

Hi, I am a 21 year old college student attending UCR who loves movies, books and adventures! :P
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