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Inspo For Your Perfect Galentine’s Day

“2020’s going to be my year,” I think I said a million times in the first week of January. I think the more times I had to repeat it to myself, the less I started to believe it. January itself has taken at least a year, and I have been counting down the days until spring break in March. So I decided, what better to look forward to than a huge rose and champagne brunch for valentines day. Since I have no boyfriend to celebrate with this year, I’m shouting out my girls. Here are all my inspirations for my big Galentine’s day party -that I encourage you to throw too!


First – the theme. You can do Galentine’s day a few different ways. First: dressed up. This could be a totally dressy brunch with all the pearls and bodycons, and the cute heels you’ve been dying to break out. Talk about a cute way to daydrink. You can do it in a theme: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 90’s themed, disney themed, or pajama themed. I’m going to be doing a pajama theme for mine, so that’s where my inspo is coming from. 

Photo courtesy of Mia Pointsette on Pinterest


Next, consider your decor! I mean what better decor than pink,red and glitter. I am so ready to raid target’s vday section and find everything that my heart desires. Some of my favorite things that I’ve already seen on there are this balloon, this waffle maker, and this glitter!


I think my favorite thing for hosting events are the invites. I think an amazing way to greet your guests, and leave them with a galentine’s day to remember, is by sending cute little valentines to them (or giving them to your girls when they come). Total throwback to when we were in elementary school waiting for our friends to give us that perfect personalized hannah montana valentine from Walgreens. 


Photo courtesy of itslittlelauren on instagram 

And of course, you cannot have a perf galentine’s without a chocolate spread. Here are a few of my favorites I have on my pinterest board. And in my humble opinion, I think for a good spread you need chocolate, strawberries, marshmallows, macaroons, cotton candy, donuts, and maybe mini heart shaped waffles. And if you are your girls are going to spice up your event, try these cute valentines day cocktails


Overall, Galentine’s day is a day for you and your girls to truly appreciate each other and remember your girl power! I am a giver, and I love the idea of giving gifts to your girls when you can. Mirror and Thread has so many cute ideas for little things your can give to your girls from nail polish, to snacks, to succulents. Hop on over here to see their amazing ideas for giving gifts to your girls that won’t break the bank.


Photo courtesy of Naomi Irons on Unsplash


I hope you have an amazing galentine’s day, and I can’t wait to see everyone’s insta posts with their girls!


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