The importance of clean beauty

In 2018, Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act into law, which went into effect on the first of this year. Ever since the news of the bill broke, I have been closely following news about cruelty free cosmetics, and most recently, clean beauty brands. Up until about a week ago, I was following a bill called the Toxic Free Cosmetics Act, which was working to ban 20 dangerous chemicals, including mercury, formaldehyde, and several different types of parabens, from beauty products. On January 17, this act failed with 7 ayes and 8 abstentions due to not receiving a majority vote for passage.


What does this mean for the beauty industry and consumers? It means that despite piles of scientific evidence showing that these ingredients are toxic, cosmetic companies will continue to use them to make cheaper products and increase profit margins. Drugstore and luxury brands alike will still be held to fairly low standards when it comes to their ingredient lists. For consumers, it means without proper, extensive research, you run the risk of putting these dangerous products on your bodies and allowing the chemicals to soak into your skin. The severity of these toxins covers a wide range, from mild skin irritants to potential neurotoxins. To make matters easier for all shoppers of beauty products, I decided to share 2 clean beauty brands that I personally love using.


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Beauty Counter

Beauty Counter is a cosmetics company founded by a woman who was shocked to learn how little the beauty industry is regulated. Their company strictly adheres to their “Never List,” consisting of approximately 1500 ingredients that are either toxic or questionable, all of which are banned from being used in their products. They also exclusively use responsible sourced mica, a shimmery product found in eyeshadows and highlighters, and are verified by the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act as a company that does not use supplies that are produced using slave, child, or forced labor and unsafe working conditions. Furthermore, the brand engages in advocacy for a cleaner beauty industry in North America. 


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Ilia is a beauty company that combines natural and organic ingredients, as well as synthetic additives, all of which are safe and beneficial for the skin. The brand is fully transparent about the ingredients they use, natural and synthetic, and why they use them. They only create products that double as makeup and skincare. They use sustainable packaging practices, including recycled aluminum components, glass bottles, and recycled paper boxes. Their products are also cruelty free and carry a Leaping Bunny Certification.


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Shopping clean beauty is accessible and affordable, meaning you can take care of your skin and the planet without having to scrounge for options. While it is important to keep in mind that not every natural ingredient is good and not every synthetic ingredient is bad, going with clean beauty brands is just a safer bet. Not only are you getting products with ingredients that have been screened, but you’re also reducing the waste created once you’ve finished using the product. So the next time you have to pick up a new makeup item, consider going clean.