Iconic Looks from the 2020 Grammy Awards

Award Season is still in full swing and so are the red carpet looks from our favorite celebrities. On 2020 Grammys red carpet our favorite musicians and celebrities came dressed in outrageously beautiful outfits. These iconic outfits caught everyone’s attention and will have us talking for years to come.


Lil Nas X

(Photo Courtesy of HELLO! Canada)


Lil Nas X is wearing Versace in a stunning pink cowboy/bondage-inspired look. Since his red carpet debut, Lil Nas X has been wearing cowboy-inspired outfits to award shows but for this year’s Grammys, he one-uped himself with this fuchsia outfit. With matching boots and a cowboy hat, Lil Nas X pays homage to his country hit, Old Town Road. This look brought my jaw to the floor with the stunning harness and jacket details that are signature to Versace. Yee-Haw!



(Photo Courtesy of Versace)


Lizzo’s first Grammys look did not disappoint! I was looking forward to her outfit since she stepped onto the American Music Awards red carpet with her tiny Valentino purse.  For the 2020 Grammys, Lizzo looked like a Classic Hollywood goddess in Versace. Her simple makeup and hair bring all of the attention to the gloriousness of her dress. Her jewelry and nails bring more shine and glimmer to her look. Lizzo’s fur boa ties the whole look together and serves us dramatic glamour.


Ariana Grande

(Photo Courtesy of Vogue)


Another stunner to the Grammys red carpet was Ariana Grande. Despite last year’s Grammy drama, she was nominated for multiple awards and came to the red carpet serving us not one, not two, but three looks! Her first look was a gray Giambattista Valli ball gown that made me want to be in her Quinceañera. Keeping with her gray theme, Ariana wore a Schiaparelli two-piece crop top and ballgown skirt that was all glamour. For her final look, Ariana was in an emerald green Givenchy dress that brought on some Wicked: The Musical vibes. Of course, in true Ariana fashion, her looks were topped with her iconic ponytail.


Billy Porter

(Photo Courtesy of E! News)


Billy Porter always (and I mean always) shocks and stuns on the red carpet. Throughout all of last year, Porter has brought magnificent and elaborate outfits that always leave people gagging; like who could forget his Oscar tux dress or his Met Gala Camp-inspired gold catsuit. So keeping up with tradition, Billy Porter brought the best hat-turning, glitter bombshell outfit. Courtesy of Baja East, Billy Porter’s blue rhinestone jumpsuit was adorned with silver rhinestone fringe on his hat, legs, and purse. His jewelry and makeup added drama to his look and years to my life! The best part of this look was the sensational memes that followed.


From Ariana Grande to Lil Nas X, all of these celebrities came dressed to impress and leave their legacy on the Grammy’s red carpet.