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In case you missed it, Linkedin is a rapidly growing platform that all college students and young adults are adapting to. I, personally, was not too savvy on Linkedin until I started realizing the amazing benefits of keeping an updated profile and how it could actually allow me to make  connections that could  land me a job!

Start on Linkedin by simply creating a profile. All you need is your email and boom, you have a profile. But in order to have an effective profile, you’re going to need a professional looking headshot(or photo of yourself you’d want employers to see), a resume, and an idea of a few skills you offer an employer. 

[bf_image id="q59eyz-bn3wco-94nful"] Once you upload your resume and photo, you have the option to add your experience and what companies you’ve worked for on your main page. Underneath your title and role, make sure you list the duties you have or had on the job. Also, make sure it’s a proofread and competitive list. Here is a list of adjectives that are great to use on your resume and to describe your experiences on Linkedin. It’s okay to embellish your experiences: for example, if you worked a summer camp counselor job you could write about how you developed interpersonal relationship skills and managed large groups of clients. Present yourself professionally and focus on what you gained from the experience. Nothing is too small to put on Linkedin! Employers want to see you as a  whole person. 

[bf_image id="q6c0jg-5lm9u8-10fvak"] After you’ve developed your experience list, you can also put in different volunteer opportunities and accomplishments. Focus on your greatest accomplishments - are you the president of a club or a member of an honors society? Add things that highlight what you want employers to know. Your volunteer experience shows a lot about where your philanthropic side is and companies want to see where your passion and heart is. They aren’t simply hiring your skills, they’re hiring you. 

Finally, connect with everyone. Your classmates, your professors, your employers, your friends' parents. You don’t need to be close friends with anyone to connect with them. I try to make a point to connect with people who have guest-spoke at my classes and write a personal message explaining why and how I know them. It’s crucial to have well rounded connections.

[bf_image id="q6c0ml-a2p5vc-5955hr"] Keep your linkedin appropriate. Facebook and instagram can be for the fun stuff, Linkedin is about building the brand of YOU. Remember that and think about how you want to portray your professional self. 

Linkedin also offers so many other things than just connections: linkedin learning is for developing hard skills that employers look for, there is an entire section for job opportunities and companies hiring people like you, and you can follow businesses and their trends in your industry to stay up to date.You can do it! And… connect with me.

Grace LemMon

UC Riverside '22

It's Grace! I am a student at UC Riverside, studying Theatre, Film, and Digital Production. Post-grad I want to be a post-production editor and work one day as a big-shot producer. Most of all, I want to be thriving and passionate. In my free time, I'm surfing, drinking coffee, and watching new movies :-) instagram: gracejlemmon
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