How to Make an Okay Gift, Special


During the hectic season of the holidays it can be easy to think of gifts as a checklist.

You become focused on who you need gifts for, by when, and what you should get them. This may lead you to generalize your gifts so as to get them as quick and easy as possible. Because of this, holidays are sometimes seen as materialistic ways of celebration, but they only become like this if we let them. Gifts should be a way of spreading spirit to people you are personally invested in. To do that, you should make the gift personal too.


Plenty of typical gifts are easy to get like gift cards, plain jewelry, or even just money. While these are all nice gestures, they make for some “just okay” gifts. The easiest and most sentimental way of making a gift truly special and meaningful is to personalize it. You’d be surprised at how many shops and websites personalize gifts you’ve never thought about personalizing. Here are a few ideas of okay gifts that can become meaningful:



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Necklaces with people’s name on them have been all the rage lately. Websites like have made personalized rings to match with your special someone, a best friend, or sister. This $10 gift is a great way to make those you care about feel unique.


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Since almost everyone uses their tech constantly, these laptop and phone cases are a great customizable gift to showcase your favorite memories with loved ones. Everytime your significant other, family member, or friend looks at their tech, they will think of you and the connection between you both.  



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What better way to show someone you care about them by giving them something comfy? A custom blanket from is perfect for the holiday season given that it gets colder. Bonus points if you throw some hot cocoa in with the gift too!


Fuzzy Sherpas


There’s no doubt that sherpas are definitely a big trend at the moment. If you’re thinking of getting one for your best friend, sorority sister, or family, why not go the extra step of putting their initials on it? offers plenty of different colors and styles. You could even get a matching ones!


Handwritten Bracelets


Lastly, if you want a more personal gift, these Etsy bracelets allow you to give your actual handwriting! You can truly capture your own message in this unique way. For loved ones, this special detail can make all the difference between a typical gift and a special one.


As you begin to enjoy the upcoming holidays, and make wish lists and gift lists, think about what is truly meaningful to you. Do your part in celebrating without focusing on just the materialistic side. Putting a personal touch on gifts, instead of taking the easy route, can have a great impact on others so go out and spread some special cheer!