How Long-Distance Is Helping Our Relationship

It’s been almost three months since I went home for “quarantine” and three months since I last saw my significant other. For me, I feel as if the two and a half mark period was more difficult for us. It makes it hard seeing my friends with their significant others or much less living with them, but I know eventually I’ll see my boyfriend again. With this whole distance thing, I feel as if it’s been helping our relationship.


Being farther apart means that we cherish more of the time we spend on FaceTime together. This lets us be more in the present and if we talk, it’s usually because we both completed work or have the time to give each other our undivided attention. We also get to reflect more on some of our favorite dates, but also plan new ones for the future. For me, I really like to hear him plan things out since I love to have a set schedule planned. Future dates also mean a list of new places for us to go.

Additionally, I feel as if both of us are slightly less stressed than we would be if we were on campus. This has made things feel more relaxed and helped us both get our work done easier. So, this means more time for the two of us to play videogames or have longer conversations.


To add a little something to our regular routine of texting in the morning and FaceTime at least twice a day, we started to write letters to each other or send each other things that let us know we’re thinking of each other. I love seeing how excited he was when I sent him the first letter! It was really affirming to know he appreciated this small act and to see how much he misses me too. 

Love letter with flowers

I’ll admit, I was really nervous and scared since this is the longest we’ve been apart from each other. Usually, our routines included seeing each other on campus between classes, eating lunch or dinner together, or late night adventures. I know we’ll both continue to miss one another, but this distance is definitely making our hearts grow fonder.