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How I Feel About Graduating During the Pandemic

Ah, week eight, the week before spending all your time studying, prepping, and mentally crying for finals. It is also closer to graduation which means all of the hard work you put in will be worth it. Like many of you, I am also graduating this spring however this ceremony will be different than usual.

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First, the planning of graduation was extremely unorganized and complicated. For example, graduation was going to be held but without the invitation of guests due to COVID. That meant that absolutely no friend or family member was allowed to be near the premise of UCR. Due to the restriction of inviting guests, I was set on not walking for graduation. The reason for that was because I did not see the point in walking by myself without my family members watching me. Two weeks ago, the rules changed in which only two guests are permitted on campus for the ceremony.

[bf_image id="mc68nxmrgv5b9jk3qs9bs5g"] Therefore, I accepted and decided that I am going to be walking for graduation. Although I can only bring two guests, which are my parents, I am grateful to be able to celebrate my last chapter at UCR. This is going to be different because we spent our remaining time on Zoom. It’s going to feel strange and surreal walking because I was so used to being at home. It’s also going to be crazy that I am going to see a bunch of people again.

[bf_image id="67cwmkgcqznc633ththbs3tq"] I was used to social distancing and limiting the number of people I was hanging out with. It’s a letdown that we have to graduate during a pandemic since we have to worry about our health first by wearing masks and making sure every family is vaccinated. However, I am proud to have accomplished school online because I know it was very tough on others. We all deserve to walk, we didn’t put in our hard work for four years just to not walk in the ceremony. I am ultimately grateful to be able to have this moment and that my family is healthy. Overall, I am excited to graduate and finally be done with school!

Jenita Raksanoh

UC Riverside '21

Jenita is a Media and Cultural Studies major at the University of California, Riverside. She enjoys meal prepping, working out, having photoshoots and discovering trendy food spots. Her goal is to motivate women to become healthier and become the best version of themselves. Being a young woman in college has taught her not only academically but mentally as well, which is why she is driven to help others through Her Campus.
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