How to Have Mental Recovery

College is a roller coaster for everybody. You have those days where you feel like everything is going by so fast. Sometimes during testing season, it can be hard to take a moment to breathe and relax. This is why it's so important to maintain mental recovery. This is a time for you to recharge and center your thoughts. 

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1. Develop a Strong Sleep Schedule

The leading cause of stress for college students is the lack of sleep. This can leave you extra irritable and stressed. When you don’t have the strength to fully function, your mental, emotional, and physical health can be heavily affected. 


If you find yourself getting distracted towards the end of the day on your phone. or watching tv, try to limit this time. The blue light coming from the screen makes it harder for people to sleep. Set a reminder on your phone and try to be diligent about your sleep schedule. When you feel strong inside, your thoughts are clear and you can conquer any day. 


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2. Meditate and Reflect Towards the End of Every Week 

Each week comes with its own tosses and turns. It’s important that we step back and reflect on our choices, and our ability to respond. Mental recovery can be taking a few minutes to be present in the moment. 


Set a timer and some soothing music, and relax to the sound of the rhythms. Think about how many positive things you did this week. Think about how you can improve, and continually embrace the person you are becoming. 

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3. Take a Walk Outside with a Friend or by Yourself

Mondays can be hard for anyone, however, it can be easy when you experience mental clarity. Being constantly preoccupied can make you feel burnt out. After a long day, if you feel tired, try to go out for some fresh air. 


The inviting nature of the trees and the outdoors can truly empower you. It can recenter you to grow and fully recover for the next day. 


Mental Recovery is a Fuel


At the end of a difficult day, it can be hard to stride forward. Sometimes all you need is a little moment to yourself to remember the strength within you.