Her Campus UC Riverside + EF COLLEGE BREAK

Do you long to travel? Are you the kind of person who wants to travel and wants to see it ALL?  Between classes, clubs, internships, jobs, and having a social life, it can seem difficult to fit in a trip that lasts longer than a day. We hear you, and that’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to EF College Break’s Grand Tour of Europe! 

30 days, 8 countries, and the hottest cities in Europe. Start your trip visiting three of the most exciting cities in Europe (London, Paris, and Amsterdam) before soaking up the scenery in Germany and Switzerland. Before you know it you'll be stuffing your face with gelato, pasta, and (super inexpensive) wine in Italy! After spending about a week exploring Venice, Florence, and Rome, you'll head to the gorgeous and relaxing French Riviera. Relax on the beach and rest up for your last week dancing til sunrise in Spain.
“There are few things that can change your life and ideas of the world, this trip will change both.” – Hayley M.
“You will take more away from this experience than you could ever imagine. Be open minded, be adventurous, and take it one day at a time. You won't regret it.” - Ashley D.
“You can’t even imagine the memories you will make or the stories you will be able to tell later.” - Rachel H.
So when you're making travel plans, instead of taking a quick trip, we suggest you take your time. Eat your way across Europe. Drink new beers in every country. Dip your toes in all the rivers and oceans.Take selfies in the most iconic places in the world. See all the places you read about in history class. Master public transit in every major city. Learn how to say "cheers" in all sorts of languages. If you're going to travel, we say go big or go home.