Her Campus Back to School Survival Kits

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This past week I recieved my Back to School Survival Kit! I got some AMAZING swag from Her Campus and some of our favorite partners including:

Our Fall 2013 Back to School Survival Kits are filled with the following must-haves to hit campus armed and ready for success.

  1. Neuro:

    1. Neuro SONIC provides great taste and sustained, focused energy. Neuro SONIC energizes your life and helps you focus on what matters. Most importantly, Neuro SONIC will: 

      • Increases alertness

      • Help you sustain energy

      • Support mental performance

      • These are great for sorority houses, HC meetings, late night study sessions, or a fun pre-party idea!

  2. Luna:

    1. LUNA bars help you wake up every day and make things happen and are the perfect way to satisfy your cravings in a nutritious way!

    2. LUNA offers many delicious bars to help you positively snack and make healthy (and happy!) food choices to power you through your busy days from class, to Her Campus meetings, to a fun night out!

  3. Poppin:

    1. Poppin proves that school supplies and dorm décor do not need to be boring anymore! They help you rule the classroom and campus in style and color because they aren’t just an office supply company; they sell work style products that allow you to work happy.

    2. With your new colorful notebooks and pens you are guaranteed to brighten up your campus!

    3. For $5 off your next purchase, use code: DORMSTYLE

  4. Chipotle:

    1. Chipotle will keep you charged throughout your day

    2. Text DORM to 888222 to enter to win a catered dorm part for 40!