Heartwarming Moments In Netflix's "Let It Snow"

Netflix recently released a film adaptation of “Let It Snow,” originally a book written by John Green, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson. I read this book probably around the time I was in middle school and instantly fell in love with it. I was always a big fan of books that perfectly weaved different stories into each other and this book did just that. Each of the three authors wrote their own holiday teen romance and the characters eventually collided somehow as you read on. So, when I heard it was being turned into a movie I couldn’t wait to see it! 




The book and movie adaptation are, of course, different. The movie loosely focuses on four plotlines instead of three and only one of them is recognizable from the book. One plotline, the single one similar to the original book, follows Tobin, the Duke (Angie), and Keon who are a trio of best friends and it ends with Tobin and the Duke confessing their love for each other. The second story follows Julie, a girl who just got accepted into Columbia but doesn’t want to leave her sick mother behind, and Stuart, a famous singer, as these two bump into each other on a stuck train. The third one follows Addie who is constantly paranoid that her boyfriend, Jeb, is cheating on her; this intertwines with the fourth plotline where her best friend Dorrie has a crush on cheerleader Teagan. 


Compared to the book, the movie is not as skillfully woven together, there are a lot of confusing moments, and the jokes tend to fall flat (besides the tin foil lady who provided the most comic relief but also confusion). However, on its own, the movie is a good enough cliché holiday romance that hits some key heartwarming moments. 


(photo courtesy of Netflix)


First off, one of the new plotlines that was introduced focuses on an LGBTQ+ couple, Dorrie and Teagan. The two go through a few awkward, tense moments before Teagan reveals she has not come out yet. Dorrie understands instead of lashing out and their story ends with a shared kiss in front of Teagan’s friends. Her cheerleader friends watch through the window smiling and holding up heart signs as a show of their immediate support. This normalcy of their relationship was very heartwarming to watch. 


Also, Addie’s support of Dorrie after they made up was so cute. She reaffirms her, saying “you are 1000% flawless” and that “you deserve to be with someone who wants to shout from the rooftops how great you are!” I think everyone could always use a moment like this with their friends. At some point or another, insecurity will sneak up and it is important to have friends who constantly remind you that you deserve to be loved. 


(photo courtesy of Netflix)


One of my favorite scenes in the movie was not a romantic scene and was instead between Julie and her mother. The movie really shows how much teens can assume the world to be on their shoulders and the moment she shares with her mother is so powerful. Her mother tells her, teary-eyed, “Your life is to be lived. Not put into a neat container to try and control.” This scene is filled with such raw emotion that is unparalleled in the rest of the movie, showing that one of the strongest love can be between a parent and child. In my opinion, their dynamic was one of the film’s best. 


Most of the romantic relationships actually felt a little forced to me, however, the romance between the best friends Tobin and the Duke served as another cute moment. While confessing his feelings, Tobin says, “It’s more like I think of you every moment of the day. And I just want you to think I’m cool all the time” Out of all the confessions, I think this one was the most heartwarming because of how realistically honest it sounds coming from a teenage character. The candid nature of it was refreshing in such a typical movie. 


(photo courtesy of Netflix)


So, all in all, I think it is important to separate the book and film as good in their own respective merits. I personally prefer the book, however, I loved the few heartwarming moments in the movie which I felt made it worth watching. I think if the film had focused more on the tones and themes of these emotionally captivating scenes, it could have been more powerful. But everyone loves a little cliché so if you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at the trailer and watch for yourself!