Having a Bad Week? Here’s some tips on how to get through this gloomy winter season.


Getting up early for class can be a struggle during any season, but getting out of your warm bed to go to a lecture in the cold is a whole different obstacle. However, don’t worry you can still make all your classes and maintain your GPA in the snow, rain, wind, and all. Along with keeping up with your studies you should take some additional steps to ensure your success.

(Photo by TheHilaryClark on pixabay)

Where’s the first place you go in the morning to get ready? I’m guessing it’s the bathroom. And if that’s the case you probably are looking in the mirror for at least some portion of your duration there. With that being said, why not write some motivational phrases on that mirror. Using an expo marker you could easily write some cute phrases such as: “Today will be a great day”, “ You look beautiful this morning”, “ Go out there and make your mark”, “Day by day is all it takes”, etc. the possibilities are endless. These little affirmations will not only give you something to smile about as soon you wake up but it’ll motivate you to accomplish more during the day.


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Try taking night showers. Not only will it cut down the amount of time and effort you have to put into getting ready, but it’ll make your sleep that much better. Falling asleep fresh out of the shower is unbeatable, as is waking up knowing one of your morning tasks is completed. You may still be a morning shower person at heart but for winter seasons sake you might just consider a temporary transition. Plus, who wants to walk out in the cold with wet shower hair - Phenomena anyone?

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Have a weekly hot cocoa and movie night with the girls. Self-care is a key aspect of success and even in the winter season, you have to make sure to include this step. The only difference, making sure you stay warm while doing it. Maybe hot cocoa isn’t your thing, try this DIY hot oil massage. l. Honestly, anything will work, just make sure to take some time to pamper yourself and just relax.

With all that said, hopefully, you found a couple of these tips useful and apply them to your winter routine. Make sure to stay warm and remember winter break is right around the corner.