Happy Claps for Pharrell Williams's Fashion and Music

Because he is ‘happy’ is the reason why we should clap for Pharrell William’s strikingly exceptional style in both music and fashion.

“It is really how you feel when you wake up in the morning, where your head is and what the weather's going to be like. If you follow those three things, you'll always be true to yourself and your intention will be transparent. That's what I love. I love when things are transparent, free and clear of all inhibition and judgment”.  Great advice indeed Mr. Williams. 

His style can be described as an adoption of the evolved hip-hop look, according to askmen.com, which is “effortless, fitted, and refined”. In combination with that sense style, he extends an incorporation of luxurious taste to his clothing line called Billionaire Boys Club.

Williams has no consistency in the things that he wears either. If he notices that he does, then it is an automatic trigger for him to break from it. Although this is how he is, he does have pieces of clothing that he always wears, such as his Spongebob toe socks.

What exactly does fashion mean to the star? Williams explains it is simply what describes your personality.. “It's like your exoshell — your exo-skeleton, if you will”. It’s when the personality inside of you gets inverted and now it’s shown outside of you instead through what you wear.

There are no exact words that describe his style. His fashion pieces range anywhere from a bulletproof vest he wore to Paris to high boots and cosmic patterned pants. He’s unique in his own way and there isn’t anything that we can pinpoint to describe what it is since he is admirably inconsistent with what he wears as he stated. He recently wore a Lanvin tuxedo with shorts and a rather big bowtie and a black beanie. Many hated this, but in the end, he was himself and that is all that matters.

In addition to his rather unique taste for fashion, Williams just recently released his second brand new album, which he named GIRL in a connection with the animated movie, “Despicable Me 2”. This album is a bit different than that of the work that he released before, which does not feature him rapping. He stated, “That's the difference between 30 and 40. 'Cause I was 30, now I'm 40 – and I'm not rapping”. According to ripitup.co, G I R L is already being called this generation’s answer to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. That’s right, he is being compared to the revolutionary king of pop! His single “Happy” has been taking over the number one spot on radio stations for the past 2 weeks. It has been the number one hottest song on various charts ranging anywhere from the US Singles Top 100 to Canada and Ireland Singles Top 100. How have fans been reacting to the release of this brand new album? All we have to say is that they are indeed, very ‘happy’ as we are about his style of fashion.