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Guilty Pleasures: Should We Be Ashamed?

Have you ever done something you know you shouldn’t? Have you ever liked something that most people don’t like? Do you have a secret hobby that you are afraid of sharing? Then, my friend, you have a guilty pleasure. 


Guilty pleasures, according to the most trusted source out there, Wikipedia(I say that sarcastically) is “something, such as a film, a television program or a piece of music, that one enjoys despite understanding that it is not generally held in high regard, or is seen as unusual or weird.” 


But honestly, it can be anything, and I do mean anything. It’s anything you are just ashamed of sharing with other people. It could be as simple as eating ice cream every day at 4 in the morning, or it could be waking up early to watch the neighbors mow their lawn, or it could be as weird as keeping the fur that falls off your cat. I don’t know what you’re personally into, but it could be anything.

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The thing about guilty pleasures is that although they are called guilty pleasures, there is nothing you should feel guilty about. Everyone has their own weird quirks and habits, but that’s what sets them apart from everyone else. It’s what makes us unique. 


Guilty pleasures should just be called pleasures because they bring us great satisfaction and joy, and there is nothing wrong with that. I say embrace it! Take control of your pleasures and own it. Don’t be afraid to stick to the things that make you happy. It’s what makes you, you!


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