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About a year ago, I went to San Diego to see Florence + the Machine with my best friend. We attended her concert at the San Diego State University Viejas Arena. We hung out together at his apartment before the concert, grabbed some food, then headed over. The arena was very open and the grass was very green compared to the dead grass we were both used to seeing back at home.


Our seats were above the floor and were about five or so rows near the bottom ofthe section. We had about an hour to kill before the concert, so we people watched those around us and enjoyed the opening act that night. 

(Photo by Rolling Stone)


Once the lights were dim, I felt my legs turn into Jell-O and my heart began to pound. The set began with Florence’s song “June” from her newest album “High As Hope.” Right off the bat, her energy was  very uplifting because of her voice. Her voice is so high and the notes she reaches sound very crisp.


I was a little shy being one of the only ones standing at first, but I quickly overcame it and began to dance and sing along. At one point during the set she also ran down the stairs into the crowd. I felt an adrenaline rush even though I wasn’t even down there! She was holding hands with the crowd, headbanging, and even wore a flower-crown that someone gave her. So now I know for the next concert I attend to try to get floor seats.


The concert was so enjoyable for me because she played some of my favorite songs such as “Only If For A Night,” “Queen of Peace,” and so on. These songs, like majority of her music, bring an ethereal kind of atmosphere to listeners. Her voice in some moments can be so dainty, but then explosive in the next moment. 

Photo by the San Diego Union Tribute 


My favorite song from the set she played was “What Kind Of Man”; it felt the most powerful. The song is essentially about unrequited love from a man who leaves you dangling while he plays with your feelings and never defines if he’s fully committed or not to you. The lyrics are empowering because she constantly sings, “what kind of man loves like this?” Through this repetition and the heavy drums mixed in with the blaring trumpets leaves the lyrics resonating in your body. I also loved the fact that this was her last song before the encore because it left me feeling as if I was floating.


Once the concert was totally over, I immediately wished I could go back and relive it over again. If the opportunity came up, I would go back to see her. The concert brought excitement, entertainment, audience interaction, and quality. She’s a very strong performer and my favorite artist I’ve seen live.

Photo by Hollywood Bowl

Mya Benavides

UC Riverside '21

Lover of kindness, music, and creating. Undergrad at UCR pursuing a B.A. in Sociology along with a Minor in English.