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This week has been raining, cold, and even snowing in some parts of California. This is a great time to cuddle up on the couch with a good book or movie and relax. Here are some ideas that you can do on a rainy day.

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Reading a Good Book
A rainy day or evening is the perfect time to read a book. Some choices can be rereading one of your favorite books or reading a new book. Another option can be starting a new series to read! A book recommendation is Atomic Habits by James Clear. This book became extremely popular and talks about ways to build good habits to help you better yourself. Settle down, get cozy, and happy reading!

Watch a Comfort Movie
Cold weather and rain calls for a movie marathon of your choice! Screen your favorite Disney movies or a romantic comedy. Another favorite is Harry Potter, these movies are perfect for a rainy day. Cozy up with some hot chocolate and stream a movie with you friends and family!

Bake Cookies/Cake
There is nothing more comforting than eating warm cookies from the oven on a cold night. Make some extra chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies. Try baking butter cookies to add some frosting and sprinkles to them. Enjoy your cookies with a cup of milk and enjoy with your friends and family!

Reorganize Room
Have you been thinking of rearranging your room or living area? Now is the time to get started on rearranging your furniture to add a different look to your room. An idea can be moving your desk to face a window and adding some decorations to your wall. Clean out your closet and donate clothing that you no longer need.

Have you been wanting to draw or paint but have not had the time? A rainy day is the perfect time to get started and can also spark some creativity. Rainy weather can be a great inspiration to get your art work started. Some ideas can include flowers in a garden, sunrise, bowls of fruit, or anything that you desire to create! Get together with some friends and family to make your creative night more enjoyable!

Hopefully these gave you some ideas to do on a rainy day that is productive and calming. Enjoy the stormy day with these wonderful, fun ideas to make your day!

Joy Marina

UC Riverside '24

Hello! My name is Joy and my hobbies include reading, writing, baking, fashion, and beauty/skincare.