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Webtoons are mostly free, digital comic books that are meant to be read on your laptop or phone. They tend to be focused on supporting independent writers and illustrators to get their work out there, which makes them some of the coolest kinds of comics, in my opinion. Here are a couple of my favorite webtoons that I believe you should check out. 

Brass and Sass by anterella

Brass and Sass is the story of high schooler Camilla, who wants to be a part of her high school’s band. The only problem is that Camilla cannot carry a tune to save her life. However, this doesn’t stop her from trying, much to the annoyance of the band’s star French Horn player and Camilla’s secret crush, Victor. While this story is super cute, it also touches upon some serious themes as well, including the impact of academic and familial pressure, depression, and how to help someone who is going through hard times. If you are looking for a sweet yet realistic story about life, or you are a former band kid yourself, this webtoon is definitely for you. 

Lost in Translation by jjolee

Lost in Translation shares the story around the upcoming K-pop group Mayhem, whose lives behind the scenes are a lot less glamorous than what they seem on the surface. In order to help his group become stars, frontman Wyld is forced to take on a controversial bad-boy persona, which makes it difficult for him to make friends in real life. That is, until he meets Jun, a coffee shop worker who knows absolutely nothing about K-pop idols. This webtoon is one of my favorites purely because of how easy it is to get attached to characters in this webtoon and the friendships in the story are just true goals. However, I do advise to be mindful of some of the sensitive topics discussed in the story, including workplace abuse, sexual harassment, and body shaming. Nonetheless, I really recommend this one to K-pop fans especially, but I think any reader will enjoy this story.

Jackson’s Diary by Paola Batalla

Jackson’s Diary opens with our main character, Jackson, starting his senior year of high school back in his hometown, which he left many years ago after the death of his mother. Though school comes easy to Jackson, he is constantly on edge, especially when he is hanging out with his new and popular friend, Exer. It doesn’t help that things that seem straight out of Jackson’s old diary pages keep coming to life as well. If you are a huge fan of Stranger Things, I guarantee that this one will instantly become one of your favorite webtoons. 

The Doctors Are Out by Blau

The Doctors Are Out revolves around the lives of two different kinds of doctors: Dr. Mathias (Mat) Guevara who runs a small town hospital and Dr. Francis Guevera who runs the town’s veterinary clinic. However, due to their very similar sounding last names, their patients are more confused than ever. This leads to a rivalry forming between the two doctors as well as a whole lot of shenanigans. A fair warning about this webtoon is that it touches on some heavy themes, including abuse and a difficult child custody battle. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a rival to a lovers story, look no further than this one!

While these four are the webtoons that I consider to be the GOATs, the beauty of Webtoon that there are so many different kinds of stories that can fit all tastes. If you do decide to start reading some webtoons, I guarantee that one of them will end up being one of best things you have ever read in your entire life.

Brinda Kalita

UC Riverside '24

4th year history major with opinions on anything and everything