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Four Outdoor Places to Visit This Spring


Spring time is slowly approaching in Riverside, which means there’s a small window where it’s not uncomfortably freezing or unbearably hot. As someone who likes being outdoors as much as I can, now is the perfect time for getting some Vitamin D and breathing in the fresh air. Whether you liking hiking, beautiful views, or just being outdoors, here’s a list of the perfect places to go this spring!


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The UCR Botanic Gardens

This is one of my favorite places on campus, there’s plenty of space to do a mini hike around the garden, picnic, read, or just sit. It’s very calming and there’s many places to sit in the shade if it’s hot outside. I really enjoy looking at all the different types of plants, especially the flowers(the rose garden in particular). It’s super easy to find, located right across from Orbach Library past Lot 10, and you can go in-between classes or on the weekend.

Hours: 8 a.m to 5 p.m

(Photo Courtesy of Yasmine Hetherington)


Sycamore Highlands Park

This is another area close to campus, it’s great for hiking, picnicking, watching the sunset, or outdoor painting. When I first went to the park last year I was really excited, it has amazing views of Riverside county and great hiking trails. Since then I’ve being going to the park at least once a month, it’s a refreshing break from school, work, or just being in a big city. It’s important to note that the hiking trails close at 6pm, however you can park near there until 6:30.

Hours: 6 a.m to 6 p.m


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Mount Rubidoux

Another hiking spot with breathtaking views, Mount Rubidoux is located near downtown Riverside and features many historic landmarks like the Peace bridge and the giant Cross at the top. There are many different trails around the mountain, the longest being around 2 miles and the shortest less than a mile. The trails are paved and are a great workout/sightseeing experience. Mount Rubidoux can get crowded during the weekend, so if you want a more peaceful experience I recommend going during the week.


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Box Springs Mountain Reserve

This park offers a variety of trails, some can be up to 5 miles long, some less. It’s not uncommon to see donkeys wandering around the trail, and after rainfall the wildflowers bloom. If you want to see the bright California Poppy’s without the crowds and hassle then Box Springs Mountain is the perfect place to go. The park follows an honor system for paying for parking, it’s around $5 and there’s a box near the trailhead for the fee. (Props to anyone who can find the Big C).


Yasmine Hetherington

UC Riverside '21

Yasmine Hetherington is an undergraduate student student at the University of California Riverside. She is majoring in Psychology with a minor in business. When she's not studying she enjoys painting, drawing, and hiking in her hometown in the Bay Area.
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