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Forever 21 Overseas

In Hong Kong, there is only one Forever 21 located in Causeway Bay that is huge. I was really excited about going there because Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores! Seriously, who doesn’t love a big Forever 21?!?


But I have to say that after much anticipation I was left disappointed. Huge Forever 21’s back in the states are soooo much better. In the U.S, there is quite a variety when it comes to clothing, you can find different styles and color schemes for each corner of the room. But in Hong Kong, the majority of the clothes have that mature, sophisticated, work clothes, chiffon tops kind of style. I brought up this issue with two other American girls, and they totally agreed with me. Personally, I have yet to evolve into the mature/sophisticated look because I love floral prints (which they did not have). It was just very upsetting and I didn’t have fun shopping there. 


I own a few pairs of jeans from Forever 21. I buy them when they have their ten dollars (or around ten dollars) sale. I saw the pair of ten dollar jeans that I own being sold for double the price!! Seriously, instead of filling my suitcase with over priced clothes from the Forever 21 here, I would much rather go to cheaper local places or or just wait to buy them when I get home. I also feel that in every single big Forever  back home they always have a sale and a clubbing dress section. Actually, I went to Forever with the intention of buying a dress, yet, nothing caught my eye. Overall, I did not have fun shopping there.  

So if you plan on studying abroad, don’t go to an American retail store. Odds are the products will cost way more then they would back in the states, and you might not be all to excited about their limited variety of merchandise. 

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