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For the Times We Actually Do Our Hair: 4 Easy HairStyles

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“When in doubt, try it out” was the punch line of a joke I heard from some childhood TV show I can’t remember the name of. But that punch line comes in handy sometimes when I can’t make a decision, usually trying new things. The following hairstyles are internet approved; they are the new wave of hairstyle trends that can pretty much make any outfit look like a big effort. When you read them, just know they’re the newest, the easiest, and the ones you should try out.

Bubble Braids

Gen Z’s latest obsession, these braids are one step easier than regular braids because rather than interchanging three strands of hair, you are tying elastics, and pulling at them until you make a sizeable, “bubble”. Some people choose to use different colored elastics to make it even more fun to look at. My personal favorite is seeing someone use mini bow ties as accessories.

Modern Half Up-Half Down Ponytail

Let’s be real, Ariana Grande basically owns this hairstyle. It’s a style that a lot of us were made to wear as a kid, but it’s now made into something so sophisticated and classy. Ariana Grande has shown us this style in a sleeked-back manner that literally screams elegance. A lot of people have also started curling the tips of their hair and adding barrettes or clips to their bangs, playing on the Y2K aesthetic.

Bella Hadid’s Slick Back Bun

Also known for its elegance is the Bella Hadid staple hairstyle. It’s most popular as the “model off duty” look. It is a twisted spiky bun held together by a clip that is slicked back in the front. Some variations switch up the style of the bun, sometimes choosing to leave two strands of hair in the front, and other times they switch the bun for a ponytail. Easy enough, this style is the most popular.

Two Mini Braids

This is definitely the easiest, low-effort one of them all. To achieve this you make two little braids that should frame the front of your face. This aligns more with casual outfits that give a playful and youthful edge. These are also interchangeable with the bubble braids or, per TikTok trends, they’re sometimes dyed with temporary color spray, sometimes people even accessorize them with hair clips. Of course, you don’t have to do all that because simple is just as great.

I chose to recommend these in specific because all you need is either elastic or some gel; no fancy braiding techniques are required. But of course, if you did want to try something more high maintenance, TikTok is, of course, your best shot. Never mind that though because this is for the people like me who want to be on-trend but don’t have all the time in the world to spend on hair. So if you ever feel like spicing up your hair, I would definitely recommend giving all of these styles a fair shot.

Jay Telles

UC Riverside '22

Fourth-year English major with a love for social justice, fashion, and woman empowerment.